News – Welcome to the new CRA website

Welcome to our new website! The new Code Red Associates website has been designed to be more engaging than ever, communicating with our specialist teams, applying for vacancies & keeping abreast of the latest news has never been easier. We’ll be delighted to hear your opinion, any and all feedback welcome to Originally published […]

Article – Code Red Associates Selection Day

Potential candidates joining a West Bridgford recruitment firm were put through Apprentice-style tasks in order to land jobs – after the company cited a lack of talent in the sector. 360 Recruitment, along with sister company Code Red Associates, held an assessment centre for 20 applicants as an alternative method for hiring new staff. It […]

Blog – Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is out of control It’s everywhere, we hear about it all the time. In 2016 over 200B records lost or stolen and in 2015 over 100M people lost health data to cyber criminals. Now what is most concerning about this is that in most cases it was months before anyone even exported that […]